Clewoo starts from the earth, a natural and constant element. The shoe is the means that puts man in contact with nature, it is the medium that accompanies the daily journey and makes it pleasant.

Step by step you have time to pay attention to details, to think about the path you want to take and reflect on what you intend to do. Craftsmanship puts itself at the service of a sustainable future, to share a contemporary vision, in which progress aligns with man's natural needs.

Clewoo produces its shoes in an ethical and ecological way, pledging to use sustainable raw materials and to reforest the territory with the planting of 10,000 trees a year, to return air, shade and new places to live to the planet.

There are many ways to go, Clewoo has chosen his own, to make its contribution in preserving the greenery that surrounds us and making it strong and luxuriant.

Clewoo® loves
& respects nature
Every year we try our best to fight deforestation by planting 10,000 new trees.

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Clewoo® starts from the earth, a natural and constant element.
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