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Clewoo’s Black Week is definitely more Green than Black!

Here comes Clewoo’s Black Week, for a conscious and sustainable consumption!

From November 26th to December 3rd do not miss the 30% discount on all Clewoo shoes.
Simply use the code BLACK30 to immediately take advantage of the discount on all items proposed, both women's shoes and men's.

Choose the greenest Black Friday there is! Buying Clewoo you choose an eco-sustainable fashion, which approaches design in an ethical and reasoned way. A Made in Italy shoes, cured in every detail and handmade by our artisans.

A different Black Friday from the usual

Our Black Week is just a way to remember how important responsible and sustainable consumption is, even in fashion.
A way to share our philosophy more broadly, supporting a healthy and ethical approach to fashion.

Clewoo believes in the power of each individual in making a mindful decision, to promote the positive impact that we strive to make.

In the hope that we will increasingly move towards a manufacturing production that is committed to lower consumption and emissions, to improve the environmental impact, increase human well-being and health and to avoid any kind of abuse and exploitation.

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